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What is Bitearthswap?

Bitearthswap is a multi-chain hybridization protocol that offers decentralized and centralized finance services, a hybrid wallet, crypto AI, and more, built on the Cardano blockchain.

How can I create a Bitearthswap account?

Download the Bitearthswap app from app stores, sign up using your email or phone number, unique username, password, and optional referral ID. Verify your email/phone number with the code sent and start using the platform.

What is the BIES token?

The BIES token is the native coin of the Bitearthswap ecosystem, built on the Cardano blockchain. It provides access to decentralized and centralized finance services and serves as a voting medium.

How can I participate in the BIES token airdrop?

To participate, download the Bitearthswap app, create an account, refer friends, complete tasks, and follow the provided guidelines. You can earn BIES tokens based on referrals and completed tasks.

What is Bitearth Pay?

Bitearth Pay is a contactless, secure cryptocurrency payment technology by Bitearthswap. It allows you to shop with crypto and send crypto worldwide.

What is BetCrypt?

BetCrypt is a feature that lets users bet on crypto events based on timeframes. The odds determine potential winnings. It's an alternative for users who find trading stressful.

How can I become a Bitearthswap Ambassador?

To become a BIESSADOR, you need at least 50 referrals, a verified Bitearthswap account, and completed tasks on the app's Discord channel. Exclusive events, competitions, and rewards await ambassadors.

What is Bitearth AI?

Bitearth AI is a chat AI powered by the GPT-4 model. It helps users understand crypto better by answering their crypto-related questions and uses the data for continuous improvement.

Can I list my token on Bitearthswap?

Yes, Bitearthswap provides a standard project listing process. Fill out a form describing your project, team, and token. Our research team will review it, and if eligible, an account manager will guide you through the listing process.

How can I get support from Bitearthswap?

You can reach out through our official social handles on Twitter, Telegram, and Discord. Alternatively, you can email support@bitearthswap.com. Check our FAQ section for common solutions.

How does the Hybrid Wallet work?

The Hybrid Wallet utilizes smart contract technology on the Cardano blockchain. It provides centralized exchange services without entrusting funds to exchanges, ensuring security and control.

Can I participate in the Bitearthswap Hackathon?

Yes, after the Hybrid wallet test net launch, developers can participate. Applicants well-versed in Plutus, JavaScript/TypeScript, or Python can showcase their creativity and validate the Hybrid wallet through their projects.

What are Bitearthswap Contracts?

Bitearthswap Contracts are pieces of code that automate secure and transparent transactions within the ecosystem. These smart contracts power functionalities across trading, staking, governance, and more.

How can I refer friends to Bitearthswap?

After creating an account, obtain your referral code. Share this code with friends to sign up. Both you and your referred friend receive BIES token rewards.

What happens if I forget my Bitearthswap password?

You can initiate a password reset through the app. An email will be sent with instructions to reset your password.

How can I stay updated with Bitearthswap news?

Follow our official social media handles on Twitter and Telegram for the latest updates, announcements, and insights.

Can I trade cryptocurrencies on Bitearthswap?

Yes, Bitearthswap offers centralized exchange services like spot and future trading through its Hybrid Wallet.

What is the purpose of the Bitearthswap API?

Bitearthswap API allows developers to build on existing services like Hybrid, BetCrypt, and AI, fostering innovation and expanding the capabilities of our ecosystem.

How can I contact Bitearthswap for partnership inquiries?

For partnership inquiries, reach out to us through our official email at partnerships@bitearthswap.com.

How do I stay informed about upcoming Bitearthswap events?

Keep an eye on our official social media channels and the Bitearthswap app for announcements about events, competitions, and other exciting activities.

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