Date of commencement would be communicated after Hybrid test net launches, stay tuned for any update.

Introducing Bitearthswap Hackathon: Unleash Your Innovation and join our hackathon

The Bitearthswap Hackathon presents a unique and exciting opportunity for developers to showcase their creativity, collaborate with fellow enthusiasts, and contribute to the verification and validation of our cutting-edge Hybrid wallet. This event underscores our commitment to innovation, community engagement, and the continuous enhancement of our ecosystem. The Hackathon will commence following the launch of the Hybrid wallet's test net, and the forthcoming details will provide all the necessary information on how to participate.

The Essence of the Hackathon:

The Bitearthswap Hackathon embodies the spirit of innovation, collaboration, and verification. It serves as a platform for developers to flex their coding prowess, employing their skills to develop creative solutions and applications that revolve around the core functionalities of our Hybrid wallet. As a dual-purpose event, the Hackathon not only fosters innovation but also aids in the rigorous testing and validation of our Hybrid wallet's capabilities.

Participation Criteria:

Participation in the Bitearthswap Hackathon is open to developers who possess expertise in specific programming languages:

  • Plutus: Developers with knowledge of Plutus, Cardano's smart contract development platform, can contribute by creating solutions that leverage the advanced capabilities of this language.

  • JavaScript or TypeScript: Developers well-versed in JavaScript or TypeScript can contribute their expertise to develop web-based applications and interfaces that enhance user interaction with our Hybrid wallet.

  • Python: Developers proficient in Python can participate by crafting solutions that integrate seamlessly with our ecosystem and contribute to its overall functionality.

The Journey:

  1. Hybrid Wallet Test Net Launch: The Hackathon commences following the launch of the Hybrid wallet's test net. This marks the beginning of a period during which developers can immerse themselves in the project.

  2. Announcement and Guidelines: Bitearthswap will release comprehensive details about the Hackathon, including guidelines, rules, submission criteria, and timelines. This information will provide participants with the necessary foundation to embark on their development journey.

  3. Development and Collaboration: Participants will have the opportunity to channel their skills and creativity into crafting solutions that align with the themes of the Hackathon. Collaboration and communication among participants are encouraged, fostering an environment of shared learning and innovation.

  4. Testing and Verification: While participants work on their projects, they are indirectly contributing to the testing and validation of our Hybrid wallet. This symbiotic relationship ensures that the wallet's capabilities are thoroughly examined by a diverse group of developers.

  5. Submission and Evaluation: As the Hackathon concludes, participants will submit their projects for evaluation. A panel of experts will assess submissions based on creativity, functionality, innovation, and adherence to the Hackathon's themes.

Benefits and Rewards:

Participation in the Bitearthswap Hackathon offers several benefits:

  • Showcasing Skills: Developers can showcase their skills and innovation on a global stage.

  • Validation: Contributions play a role in validating the capabilities of our Hybrid wallet.

  • Learning and Collaboration: Collaborating with fellow developers fosters shared learning and encourages collaboration.

  • Rewards: Participants have the chance to win exciting rewards, which might include recognition, BIES tokens, exclusive ambassador opportunities, and potential involvement in the Bitearthswap ecosystem.

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