Creating a Cardano Wallet

To get started on BitearthSwap, you need to open an account via our app. You can find a step by step guide to creating a new account on bitearthswap. Next you need a cardano wallet to explore our hybrid wallet

Setup a Cardano Wallet to start exploring our services

Which mobile wallet should I choose?

This comparison table gives an overview of the most popular mobile wallets used with BitearthSwap.


Cardano support

Built-in DApp browser

Hardware wallet compatible

Open source (auditability)

Mobile Compatibility

Browser Extension

☑️ - Available

- Not Available

You can find more in-depth information about each wallet below, as well as download links and installation guides.

Eternl is a Cardano light wallet that enables users to send and receive cryptocurrencies, store NFTs, stake ADA, and many more. It is a web-based wallet that allows the creation of multiple accounts using only one recovery phrase

Here are some pros and cons of Eternl wallet:


  • It is a Cardano community wallet that is built by the same developers of stake pools TITANstaking and AHLNET.

  • It has a dApp connector.

  • It is easy to delegate ADA to a staking pool.

  • It has an option for staking into multiple pools.

  • It has Catalyst voting registration option.

  • Tokens and NFTs are categorized and displayed.

  • It is frequently updated with good support and great community.


  • It is a web wallet (transactions can get queued in mem pools when traffic is high).

Download Eternl Wallet (Automatically detects device)

Eternl Wallet Guide

NEVER, in any situation, should you ever give someone your private key or recovery phrase ("seed phrase"). This will give someone complete access to your crypto!

The genuine BitearthSwap site and staff will never ask you to input your seed phrase.

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